Best Anthropology Optional Coaching in Hyderabad



Best Anthropology optional coaching in Hyderabad

Anthropology has emerged as a popular optional subject among Civil Services aspirants in the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exams. This popularity can be attributed to several factors, including the availability of easily accessible resources for preparation and a syllabus that is relatively lighter and more comprehensible compared to other subjects. This holds true for anthropology, especially because it incorporates elements from science, making it an attractive choice for science graduates as well. The concise syllabus for anthropology optional in the UPSC Main Examination further adds to its appeal among aspiring candidates.

The anthropology optional syllabus is divided into two papers: Paper-I and Paper-II. These papers encompass a wide range of topics, including social-cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, and Indian anthropology. By focusing on these specific areas, the syllabus provides a structured and comprehensive framework for the preparation of anthropology as an optional subject.

When it comes to IAS coaching, Hyderabad has emerged as a top destination for aspiring candidates pursuing anthropology as an optional subject. The city offers a number of renowned coaching institutes that specialize in providing guidance and support specifically tailored for the UPSC exams. These IAS coaching centers in Hyderabad provide comprehensive study materials, experienced faculty, and a conducive learning environment to help students excel in their preparation.

Here are top 5 Anthropology optional coaching institutes in Hyderabad:

Rank 1: Kartic Godavarthy, Brain Tree

Braintree, under the esteemed guidance of Mr. G.S. Karthic, stands out as one of the leading coaching institutes in India. With years of experience, Mr. G.S. Karthic has successfully mentored numerous students in the field of anthropology as an optional subject for the toughest examination, the IAS (Indian Administrative Service). Many of his students have achieved remarkable scores and cleared the exam with flying colors. The institute’s approach to teaching anthropology is characterized by its lucidity and the ability to complete the course within a limited timeframe, which greatly appeals to aspiring students.

However, due to Mr. G.S. Karthic’s commitment to teaching in Delhi as well, the number of batches per year at Braintree is relatively limited. Nevertheless, his expertise and guidance in anthropology have been instrumental in helping students excel in their UPSC preparation.

Mr. G.S. Karthic’s teaching style is highly regarded as he presents the subject matter in a simple and understandable manner, making it accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, the study material provided by the institute is available in both Hindi and English, catering to the needs of aspirants preparing for the UPSC exam in either language. The availability of Hindi notes is particularly advantageous for candidates seeking the best preparation strategy for the UPSC exam.

Anthropology optional Coaching Fee (Offline and Online) Rs. 40,000
Course Includes Study Material
Head Office 3-6-432, Level-3, Velma Bhawan, Himayat Nagar Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029
Batch Size 60 to 100
Phone Number 040 2764 4110
Highlights Faculty and Study material
Website https://braintreeindia.com/


In conclusion, Braintree, led by Mr. G.S. Karthic, is a distinguished coaching institute renowned for its IAS coaching in Hyderabad. With his extensive experience and effective teaching methods, Mr. G.S. Karthic has been guiding students in anthropology as an optional subject for several years. The institute’s focus on clear and concise teaching, along with the availability of study materials in Hindi and English, makes it an attractive choice for aspiring UPSC candidates seeking the best preparation for the exam.

Rank 2: Dr. Suresh Gurramkonda, Eden IAS

EDEN IAS, a leading IAS coaching institute in Hyderabad, offers comprehensive Anthropology optional foundation classes for the UPSC CSE 2023-2024 batch, facilitated by one of the finest faculty members in the field, Dr. Suresh Gurramkonda. In addition, they provide a Test Series for the Mains Exam 2022-2023. The duration of the course is approximately 3.5 to 4 months, ensuring complete and extensive coverage of the syllabus for both papers.

To aid students in their preparation, EDEN IAS supplies printed books and well-elaborated class notes, enriching the learning experience. Regular value addition material is also provided to enhance students’ understanding of the subject. The course includes a test series with periodic revision tests, which assist aspirants in honing their answer writing skills and provide guidance in effective answer presentation.

EDEN IAS is committed to offering the best interactive doubt-clearing sessions, facilitating one-on-one interactions between the students and faculty. This personalized approach ensures individual guidance and support throughout the preparation journey. Moreover, the course is available in both online and offline modes, catering to the diverse preferences of aspirants.

Anthropology optional Coaching Fee (only Online) Rs. 30,000
Course Includes Study Material and Tests
Head Office Shop No. 6, Second floor, Bada Bazar Road, Old Rajendra Nagar, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110060
Batch Size 60 to 100
Phone Number 9354344200
Highlights Study material and Infrastructure
Website https://edenias.com/


In conclusion, EDEN IAS stands as a premier institute for IAS coaching in Hyderabad, providing specialized Anthropology optional foundation classes. With the expertise of Dr. Suresh Gurramkonda, the course offers comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, supplemented by printed books, detailed class notes, and value addition material. The inclusion of a test series, interactive doubt-clearing sessions, and personalized guidance further enhances the learning experience. Whether in online or offline mode, EDEN IAS provides aspiring candidates with a complete solution for their anthropology optional coaching needs.

Rank 3: Vishnu Vardhan, Vishnu IAS

Vishnu IAS Academy, a renowned IAS coaching center in Hyderabad, is dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and preparation for the UPSC exam. Quality takes precedence over quantity for them, as they maintain limited seats to ensure focused attention on every student. The academy goes the extra mile by offering a dedicated reading room or library facility, enhancing the learning environment.

What sets Vishnu IAS Academy apart is its emphasis on regular assessments. Daily and weekly tests are conducted to evaluate students’ progress and identify areas for improvement. The coaching center also conducts interview sessions, preparing students for the final stage of the selection process. Additionally, they provide daily and weekly current affairs analysis, keeping students updated with the latest developments.

Each student is assigned a personal mentor, offering individualized guidance and support throughout the preparation journey. Daily answer writing practice, combined with weekly tests alternating between prelims and mains, ensures comprehensive exam readiness.

Vishnu IAS Academy, under the leadership of Vishnu Vardhan Sir, a well-known figure in the field, focuses on enhancing the preparation techniques tailored to the demands of the examination matrix. The academy offers a diverse range of courses, covering topics from NCERTs to standard textbooks, along with specialized batches for both prelims and mains. Test series, panel discussions, debates, interactive doubt clearing sessions, and current affairs sessions are also integral parts of their comprehensive program. Moreover, they extend their coaching services to state PSCs such as TSPSC and APPSC.

Anthropology optional Coaching Fee (only Online) Rs. 49,500
Course Includes Study Material and Tests
Head Office 2nd floor , Opposite Canara Bank , Beside Gandhi nagar park , Hyderabad , Telangana , 500080
Batch Size 40 to 60
Phone Number 9000400939, 8977500939
Highlights Study material and Tests
Website https://vishnuias.com/


In conclusion, Vishnu IAS Academy stands out as a leading provider of IAS coaching in Hyderabad. With their limited seats and personalized approach, they ensure the highest quality of education. The academy’s focus on regular assessments, interview sessions, current affairs analysis, and individual mentorship sets it apart. Offering a wide range of courses and comprehensive coverage of optional subjects like Anthropology, Vishnu IAS Academy caters to the diverse needs of aspiring candidates.

anthropology optional coaching in hyderabad

Rank 4: Dr. Ravindra Reddy, Analog IAS

Analog IAS, led by the esteemed faculty Dr. Ravindhra Reddy, specializes in providing guidance for Anthropology optional in the UPSC exams. The coaching institute offers a comprehensive understanding of the most relevant and applied aspects of physical, social, cultural, archaeological, and tribal anthropology perspectives, exclusively tailored for the mains examination. With a holistic approach towards the subject, Analog IAS ensures that students grasp the intricacies of Anthropology.

The institute provides academic information in both paper-based and digital formats, enabling students to access the material in their preferred mode. A key focus at Analog IAS is on developing exceptional writing skills, as this is crucial for success in the exam. Dedicated test series are conducted to hone students’ command over writing, helping them gain a competitive edge.

Analog IAS goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach and offers personalized and strategic grooming for each candidate. Through daily one-on-one sessions, students receive individual attention and guidance to enhance their preparation. The coaching program covers various aspects of Anthropology, including sociocultural anthropology, physical/biological anthropology, prehistorical aspects, archaeological anthropology, Indian anthropology, tribal anthropology, diagrams practice, and audio-visual classes. This comprehensive approach ensures a deep understanding of the subject matter.

To further strengthen students’ skills, Analog IAS conducts extensive and exclusive mains answer writing practice sessions. These sessions allow students to refine their presentation and effectively structure their answers. The institute also offers a comprehensive test series that covers the entire syllabus, providing students with ample practice and feedback. With a commitment to timely completion of the syllabus, Analog IAS ensures that students are well-prepared within the designated timeframe.

Anthropology optional Coaching Fee (only Online) Rs. 40,000
Course Includes Classes
Head Office House No. 1-2-288/32, 2nd Floor, Above Gilma Showroom Indira Park X Road, Domalguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029
Batch Size 40 to 60
Phone Number 9912441137
Highlights Infrastructure
Website https://analogeducation.in/


In conclusion, Analog IAS stands as a prominent IAS coaching institute in Hyderabad, offering specialized coaching for Anthropology optional. Under the guidance of Dr. Ravindhra Reddy, students gain in-depth knowledge of the subject and develop effective writing skills. With personalized attention, a comprehensive curriculum, and regular practice sessions, Analog IAS equips aspirants with the necessary tools to excel in the UPSC exams.

Rank 5: Mrs. Sosin Thayyaba Revella, Sosin Classes

Sosin Classes, formerly known as Target IAS, is the brainchild of Mrs. Sosin Thayyaba Revella, the Founder Director of the institute. With her extensive experience as a field anthropologist and renowned faculty in Anthropology, Mrs. Sosin has been instrumental in guiding civil services aspirants towards achieving their dreams. Initially established as an offline coaching institute, Sosin Classes has now transitioned into an online training institute, providing coaching for the UPSC Civil Services Examination, UGC NET, and State Public Service Commissions Exams. This transformation has enabled Sosin Classes to reach a wider audience and offer online coaching programs.

Sosin Classes has earned a reputation as the best civil services coaching institute in Hyderabad, particularly for Anthropology. Their expertise in providing training for Civil Services, competitive exams, and other academic courses has further solidified their position as a leading coaching institute. The institute offers comprehensive coaching for Civil Services Mains, encompassing online audio/video classes, preparation guidance, study material, mock tests, and interview guidance. Students also have access to a range of resources to support their preparation.

With a track record of over 1000 selections in 17 years, Sosin Classes has established itself as a reliable source of personalized guidance for civil services aspirants. They offer coaching in various optional subjects, including Anthropology, Geography, and Public Administration. The online courses provided by Sosin Classes are thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific interests and needs of aspirants, ensuring maximum benefit from the scientifically designed and executed programs.

Anthropology optional Coaching Fee (only Online) Rs. 50,000
Course Includes Study Material and Tests
Head Office H.No. 1-10-196 Ashok Nagar X Roads, Near Union Bank of India, Hyderabad, 500020, Telangana, India.
Batch Size 30 to 50
Phone Number 9989966744
Highlights Study Material, Test and Guidance
Website https://sosinclasses.com/


Sosin Classes stands as a premier institute for IAS coaching in Hyderabad, with a focus on online training. Founded by Mrs. Sosin Thayyaba Revella, the institute offers comprehensive coaching programs for various exams, including the UPSC Civil Services Examination. With a strong emphasis on Anthropology and other optional subjects, Sosin Classes provides personalized guidance, study materials, mock tests, and interview preparation. Their track record of success and scientifically designed online courses make them a preferred choice for civil services aspirants seeking quality coaching.

In conclusion, the popularity of anthropology as an optional subject for the UPSC exams can be attributed to its easily accessible resources and its relatively manageable syllabus. Furthermore, the inclusion of scientific elements makes it an appealing choice for science graduates. Hyderabad, with its esteemed IAS coaching centers, has become a favored destination for candidates seeking guidance and coaching specifically for anthropology as an optional subject.

FAQs: Anthropology optional coaching in Hyderabad

What makes anthropology a popular optional subject for the UPSC exams?

Anthropology is popular due to its easily accessible resources, a lighter and understandable syllabus, and its incorporation of scientific elements, making it appealing to science graduates as well.

Why is Hyderabad considered a top destination for anthropology optional coaching?

Hyderabad is recognized as a top destination for anthropology optional coaching due to the presence of reputed coaching institutes that offer specialized guidance and support for UPSC aspirants pursuing anthropology as an optional subject.

Which coaching institute in Hyderabad is known for its anthropology optional coaching?

Braintree, under the guidance of Mr. G.S. Karthic, is renowned for its anthropology optional coaching, catering to the needs of UPSC aspirants and providing comprehensive study materials and experienced faculty.

What are the advantages of choosing Vishnu IAS Academy for anthropology optional coaching in Hyderabad?

Vishnu IAS Academy offers personalized attention, strategic grooming, comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, daily answer writing practice, and a comprehensive test series, providing aspirants with a complete solution for their anthropology optional coaching needs.

What is the unique offering of Analog IAS in Hyderabad for anthropology optional coaching?

Analog IAS, led by Dr. Ravindhra Reddy, provides coaching with a holistic approach, focusing on the most relevant and applied aspects of anthropology. They emphasize writing skills, offer one-on-one mentoring, and provide extensive practice through answer writing sessions and comprehensive test series.

How does Sosin Classes differentiate itself as an IAS coaching institute in Hyderabad?

Sosin Classes, led by Mrs. Sosin Thayyaba Revella, stands out as a prominent coaching institute for civil services preparation. They offer personalized guidance, comprehensive coaching for Anthropology and other optional subjects, online audio/video classes, study materials, mock tests, interview guidance, and have a strong track record of success.

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