Career Opportunities in Project Management
Career Opportunities in Project Management

Career Opportunities in Project Management

Project managers are people who get the work done in the best possible way with optimal usage of resources and efficient execution of tasks to reach expected deliverables. If your skills are strong in areas of management, and if you are impeccable at managing people and tasks under pressure whilst also delivering great results by not only understanding the needs of the client but also meeting them within the given deadline, then this is the perfect fit for you.

Great power comes with great responsibilities, this quote sits right for a project manager. Leading and taking the responsibility of an entire team and project sparks a sense of challenge and intensifies the possibilities that you can reach.

Without further due, let us understand the roles of a project manager at various levels. You can as well choose any industry that interests you, be it constructions, healthcare, IT, software, or even energy.

Career Opportunities in Project Management

After completion of a course or a degree in project management, someone at the entry-level will figure that there is no definitive path as there is a wide range of options in various industries for a project manager. The options and opportunities again vary once you gain a few years of experience. By understanding your interests in a particular field and by assessing your skills as a project manager, you can choose one of the following roles to start with and map your growth trajectory from there onwards.

Assistant project manager: An assistant project manager is hired as an entry-level post and is expected to assist and support the project manager with certain administrative tasks, making sure that the time limits and deadlines are met. Their main role is to plan and execute various phases of a project. To name a few tasks, you can expect tasks such as resource management, supplier coordination, budget monitoring, and cross-departmental management.

Additionally, an assistant project manager is expected to carry out an analysis of data that will help in decision-making. You need to be well versed in understanding client needs and execute the project timely with the available set of resources.


Core responsibilities include:

  • Ø Assigning duties to reach project goals
  • Ø Managing multiple project constraints.
  • Ø Communicating with project lead and project managers to maintain a schedule
  • Ø Supporting with procurement of materials
  • Ø Analyzing and gathering data regarding project execution
  • Ø Taking feedback and figuring ways to minimize errors after completion of the project.


The average salary of the assistant project manager in India: 7.7lakhs per annum.

  • Project coordinator: A project coordinator is hired to work under the direct supervision of the main project manager to ensure smooth functioning and achievement of targets. The core area of work would be creating spreadsheets, graphs, working on reporting tools, and figuring optimal project budgeting and funding. Daily, the project coordinator is also responsible for making the required presentations, scheduling meetings and reports. If there are sudden changes or any shortage of resources, the project coordinator must accommodate accordingly and run through the change management process in a way that meets the expectations of the project without any delays. Developing new strategies and enhancing the present strategies is an interesting part of the job as a project coordinator.


 Core responsibilities of a project coordinator include:

  • Identifying and resolving potential issues throughout project implementation
  • Goals, project schedules, and fresh information are all planned and managed by the project coordinator.
  • Keeping the workflow on track by coordinating team members
  • Keeping track of project papers and materials
  • Developing and evaluating project ideas


The average salary of a project coordinator in India: 4 – 5 lakhs per annum

  • Business analyst: A business analyst is hired to find the ideal solution and action plan based on metrics and data. They need to coordinate with the project management team and the client to understand the right fit of demand and need. Improving the processes and systems by understanding the client’s needs and figuring ways to execute the process is one of the main roles of a business analyst. The input of business analysts post thorough research and analysis helps solve business problems and manage the project at optimal levels.

A greater area of work is providing data and results of risk analysis, tradeoff analyses, profit ratio analyses, and project objectives that match the scope of the project.

Business analysts are responsible for a variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Ø Client meetings regularly
  • Ø Communicating the needs of clients to project management teams
  • Ø Negotiating between the feasibility of a project and the client’s requirements
  • Ø Defining and communicating project objectives

The average salary of a business analyst in India: 7 lakhs per annum

  • Scrum master: It is the scrum master’s role to enhance and streamline the processes by which the project team achieves its goals. The scrum master may conduct team meetings and advise project teams on Scrum practices. More specifically, the scrum master generates burndown charts and maintains their metrics for team performance. As opposed to a project manager, a Scrum Master plays a facilitation role rather than a leadership role.

Among your duties as a Scrum Master are resolving problems, coaching team members on Agile methodologies, and also managing timelines. In the end, you’ll help to cultivate self-organizing teams that are flexible and fully productive during sprints.

The Scrum Master is charged with the following tasks:

  • Ø Assisting with meetings
  • Ø Creating sprint plans
  • Ø Removing obstacles to processes and progress of the project
  • Maintaining open lines of communication within a team

The average salary of a scrum master in India: 14 lakhs per annum

  • Director of project management: Director of project management is usually the highest-level employee in a business’s project management operations, overseeing project managers and program managers as well as leading company-wide projects and defining how these projects fit within the business’s strategic plans. In addition to making sure that projects are executed on time, the director of program management works together with other departments.

As a director of project management, you would have to take initiation on programs and setting of goals in conformance with the organizations’ strategic objectives. They need to work on planning an entire project from start to finish, including milestones, deadlines, and processes along with developing or approving budgets and operations.

To be a successful Program Director, one must be familiar with the principles of program management. It is also essential that they can lead and develop their subordinates.

As a director of project management, your work would need you to do the following tasks:

  • Managing project teams and programs
  • Assist with the alignment of company projects with business goals by maintaining a high level of understanding of them
  • Maintaining communication between internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures related to project management within the company

The average salary of a director of project management in India: 41 lakhs per annum

As you can see, the growth trajectory for any person in this role is invariably high. The opportunities even after reaching senior posts are limitless. If you are looking at having a lucrative career and wish to have a royal CTC, then you should consider this field at an early stage. With experience, your value as a project manager is going to be immensely high and you would be in a position to demand your expected salary.


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