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Career Options After MBA in HR (2022)



Career options after MBA in HR

Every building, when designed well, looks beautiful from the outside, but what’s firmly holding it is the firm, long iron and steel rods. Without the presence of these rods, no matter how well the building is designed, it will just collapse. Only these rods bring instability by forming a solid bond and acting as a medium to hold different parts of the building.

Going by the same analogy, when we talk about corporate companies and businesses, the stability is brought in by the HR department. They act as the mediators between the employees of the company and the senior heads, thus forming a solid bond that drives the company towards success. Every company that wishes to sustain and succeed makes sure that it has a capable and robust HR department.

Career Options After MBA in HR

Career Options After MBA in HR

With Globalization and the increase in international business, the role of HR is getting even more profound. They are now needed much more than ever; their skill sets play a massive asset for the company.

An HR deals with human relations and human aspects of the company. Recruitment of the right kind of talent can speed up the company’s growth process, which is why HR these days is in great demand.

AKo Morita, the founder of Sony Corporation, says, “There is no magic in the success of Japanese companies in general and Sony in particular. The secret of their success is simply the way they treat their employees.” A company with satisfied employees has a huge competitive advantage over the other companies in the industry. Having the right person at the right time and doing the right time is one equation that can solve and avoid significant problems when done perfectly. This equation is in the hands of an HR.

Is the HR job profile the right fit for you?

Now that we have discussed the need for HR lets us see if you are a good fit to fulfill these needs.

A simple example, would you call a plumber to fix a short circuit? No. As an HR, you need to have excellent observational skills that enable you to recognize employees’ skill sets to utilize them to maximize productivity for the company. Most of us assume that HR is just recruiting and interviewing, but that’s not it. There are varied HR responsibilities at various levels, which leads to broader HR job profiles. We will be discussing multiple career options in HR in the section below.

Coming to skills, if you are confident of the following, then this is undoubtedly the right profile for you.

  • A knack to manage human relations and understand the needs and demands of various people.
  • Choosing the right employees based on logical decisions with sound reasoning is an important skill.
  • People are interested in motivating others and getting their best self to perform.
  • If you have good persuasive skills and a smooth flow of communicating even bad news, you can consider this a great option.
  • The will to see the present and future needs of the company and plan accordingly contributes to your other skills.
  • A good interest in training, education, and teaching skills can be a great fit.

These are just a few, but they set the core idea for a perfect fit.

HR career options:

Let us directly learn about the different jobs after MBA in HR.

HR Assistant:

The HR assistant takes up responsibilities that involve supporting and maintaining. As an HR assistant, you would mainly post job ads, maintain a database, and mediate between HR and employees. This role involves much-assisting work and needs apt communication with liable record-keeping skills. Being highly organized would be a great add-on. To maintain a smooth flow of activities, you will have to coordinate with HR managers and HR directors.

Salary as an HR assistant: 2 lakh per year – 3 lakh per year.

HR Analyst

The responsibilities of an HR analyst include finding solutions to HR-related issues by identifying them. A considerable part of your job as an HR analyst would consist of analyzing and evaluating reports and data to make relevant findings that need to be reported to managers with advice and recommendations on improvements. A solid analytical and problem-solving skill is a must as you would be required to carry out metrics and figure ways to attract and hire better-qualified candidates, all of this while maintaining legal compliance.

 Salary as an HR analyst: 4 lakh per year – 4.5 lakh per year.


Recruiters are in charge of filling open positions. As a recruiter, you will have to keep the company standards and hire the best talent out there. The recruiting process involves meeting candidates, screening, interviewing, coordinating, and pitching offers and employment negotiations. An ideal skill requirement ensures a pleasant experience for the candidates, as the recruiter would be the first point of contact from the company.

Salary as a recruiter: 3 lakh per year – 4 lakh per year.

HR Administrator

A HR administrator updates internal databases prepares documents such as new hire guides and employment contracts. Organizing personnel records and maintaining them would be a significant responsibility. They help manage the HR department and ensure the smooth running of all processes. The required skills include basic knowledge of business software such as Microsoft office, good interpersonal skills, and a high level of confidentiality.

Salary as an HR Administrator: 3 lakh per year – 4 lakh per year.

Staffing manager

As the name goes, a staffing manager handles all the staffing requirements of the company and manages the process of recruiting, training, and sometimes firing if needed. They also delegate tasks to employees and keep a check on the quality and performance of the staff. To ensure that all these recruitment operations are by the company policies and structured guidelines is their responsibility.

Salary as a Staffing manager: 7 lakh per year – 8 lakh per year.

Executive HR

A HR executive is responsible for creating an open environment for healthy communication. To ensure that the recruitment process, hiring, and retaining are done for the company at the correct cost is also another responsibility of HR. They are in charge of creating and approving budgets considering various aspects for all the departments. One important task that an HR Executive executes is assistance in making the company’s payroll.

Salary as an HR executive: 2 lakh per year – 5 lakh per year

Chief human resource officer

As a chief human resource, you would be responsible for changing talent management, organizational and performance management, training and development, succession planning, and compensation. This role also needs you to develop and execute human resource strategies that support the overall business plan. BY articulating HR needs and plans to the executive management team, board of directors, and shareholders, the chief human resource officer provides strategic leadership. They are also responsible for leading managers and indirectly responsible for employees.

Salary as a Staffing manager: 9 lakh per year – 102 lakh per year.

These are a few jobs after MBA in HR; there are many other similar roles at various levels depending upon the company’s needs and your skillsets. Overall, as an HR, you will have a good command over people and a respectful professional upfront. With time and experience, you can expect a good amount of hike in your pay scale, along with a better position and higher decision-making authority.

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