Career Options after MBA in Marketing
Career Options after MBA in Marketing

Career options after MBA in marketing

Have you watched the popular Netflix series, Emily, in Paris? How do you think Emily got a chance to live her dream of working in the most beautiful city? The answer is very simple.

MBA in marketing management. A post-graduation in marketing gave wings to her dreams. If you’re wondering that this happens in movies, then let me correct you and guide you through some facts about job opportunities after MBA in marketing.

MBA is one of the most professional degrees of all time, and it incorporates both soft and hard skills. You can never be the same person once you’ve achieved this degree, and there is a guaranteed growth in self with this degree. Most colleges have a semester-wise curriculum, meaning that you will complete this degree in batches of 4 semesters, each lasting for six months, within a span of 2 years.

Two years of your life, for a lifetime of golden opportunities. Isn’t this truly a great marketing strategy in itself?

Career Options after MBA in Marketing
Career Options after MBA in Marketing

Now, before you confuse sales with marketing, let me help you with simple examples that will give you a better picture. You must be familiar with the Mentos ad, ‘dimag ki bati jalade’. This is purely the result of marketing. Mentos came up with this in 2015, when they wanted to increase the price of their product and retain their old customers. With this well-executed marketing plan, they were not only able to retain their old customers but also gained new customers by targeting the age group of 15 to 24yrs. They were able to achieve sales significantly ahead of their target.

So, marketing drives your sales, and they are not the same, but one supports the other.

What are the career options after MBA in marketing?

The advent of globalization pushes countries away from boundaries to conquer what no one could have imagined. Companies to establish in foreign lands need a solid marketing base. With such an expansion in the global market, MBA marketing graduates definitely have a promising career. The job profiles after MBA in marketing are not limited, as there are so many opportunities and roles that fit this profile.

If you have good problem-solving skills, goal-oriented behavior and can manage not to break a sweat in times of stress, then you would just be meant for this role. These skills act as your added benefit over the others.

Let us look at the most common job opportunities after MBA in marketing:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Media strategist
  • Media manager
  • Product Manager
  • Head of Digital Marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Retailing Management
  • Analytical Marketing
  • Competitive Marketing
  • Advertising Management
  • Digital Media Analyst
  • Channel Head
  • Public relations manager
  • Social media manager

We will discuss a few opportunities and job roles in detail:

1. Marketing manager

The responsibility of a marketing manager includes making deals and promoting them to businesses and customers in order to sell the company’s business ideas and the product to customers. The role holds its position at varying levels, and it can be limited to a single product, a line of products, a brand, or even the entire organization.

This role demands you to be a quick and smart decision-maker. A good hand in research will act as a plus in order to excel in the field.

Salary range: INR 2.91 lakhs per annum to 20 lakhs per annum.

2. Product manager

The main role of a product manager is to identify the customers’ needs and make suggestions for product development according to the customer needs. This involves a deep understanding of the market industry, a clear view of research, and a great approach towards solutions. A product manager needs to keep in mind the objectives of a company and design a product that satisfies customer needs and brings greater achievement to the company. The item research process, new product offerings, and a touch of innovation are the perfect equation for this role.

Salary range: INR 8.84 lakhs per annum to 15 lakhs per annum.

3. Brand manager

The role of a brand manager seems interesting and fun, as everyday challenges would be different. This role needs you to protect and maintain the brand’s integrity and act as the guardians of the brand in every aspect. They work to increase brand approval and respect by the customers. A brand manager plays a critical role in either formatting the vision and mission of the company or maintaining and conveying the same to the customers if it already exists.

Multi-tasking is a huge requirement for this role, as you will be required to work with multiple teams and departments simultaneously. Critical business decisions could depend on you, and your performance would be measured in the leads you generate or the customers you attract.

Salary range: INR 2.84 lakhs per annum to 30 lakhs per annum.

4. Digital marketing head/ Social media manager:

A digital marketing head is a new demand in the market. With everything going digital, every company is very much in need of an expert in this field. This role requires you to know all present trends, technologies, and tools used in the market. You will have to be up to date in research and work towards outrunning your competitors. Your everyday tasks would include coming up with ideas, planning their execution, and delivering them with a constant understanding of algorithms.

A social media manager and a digital marketing manager are required to work on similar objectives. Still, the role of a social media manager gets limited and is specified only to social media. They need to work to increase the views, page traffic, account reach, followers, interaction, product launches, and customer interactions. Running online campaigns enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales would be your everyday to-do list.

Salary range (Digital media marketer): INR 3 lakhs per annum to 19 lakhs per annum.

Salary range (Social media marketer): INR 3.5 lakhs per annum to 8 lakhs per annum.

5. Public relations manager

A PR manager needs to have good communication skills. This job will need you to coordinate and manage profitable public relations for the organization. Working with multiple departments and getting work done with the available resources is an ideal skill that this job appreciates. Strategizing to get better media relations and marketing communications will be one of the tasks.

Stakeholders are of important value to the company. It would be the job of a PR manager to deal profitably with the stakeholders and partners, ensuring no damage of any sort to the company’s corporate image, brand, or organization.

Salary range: INR 4 lakhs per annum to 9 lakhs per annum.

These are the five topmost profiles in demand in the market by the companies. Starting a career after MBA is not difficult as there are numerous opportunities, and the field is filled with exciting projects, tasks, and responsibilities. If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of decisions, simultaneous dealing with many people, and the rush of delivering tremendous results, then this role is perfectly tailored for you.

You will surely not regret a career in MBA marketing, as if you dedicate yourself to this field, you can expect steep growth in your graph of success in a shorter period when compared to other fields. Once you are great with your skills, deal-breaking, and delivering results, industry giants will surely have their hawk eyes on you, all ready to take you in as an asset with salary hikes that you wouldn’t have otherwise dreamt off.

So, if you are wondering whether to go ahead with MBA in marketing, then this article should be more than enough to guide you. Needless to say, the amount of job security and pay is incomparable to other industries. You’ve got a wide range of opportunities waiting for you after an MBA in marketing and get all set to grab them.

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