IAS Coaching in Chennai
IAS Coaching in Chennai

Top 5 IAS coaching in Chennai

As every one of you know, UPSC Civil services examination, famously known as IAS Exam, is one of the toughest exams in India. The syllabus of the exam is extraordinarily vast, with diverse range of subjects. Given its difficulty one can crack this exam only with the right guidance. For the right guidance one need to have a right mentor. Finding a right mentor for IAS Exam has become very difficult nowadays. Check the updated Top 5 institutes in Chennai which are providing IAS Coaching in Chennai with mentorship.

We wanted to help aspirants living in and around Chennai to find a right mentor for UPSC Civil services exam. So, we came up with this list of Top 5 UPSC coaching centres in Chennai.

Chennai, although the living expenses are high, UPSC coaching fee is reasonable than Delhi. One need not go to Delhi to get coaching for UPSC. There are good coaching institutes in Chennai too.

1. Shankar IAS Academy, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Website: https://www.shankariasacademy.com/

Phone number: 07667766266

Highlights of the institute:

  1. Branded: Brands doesn’t grow overnight. They grow due to their hard work and consistency. Shankar IAS academy is an example of it
  2. Syllabus coverage: Syllabus is covered on time which is the main problem in other institutes
  3. Study Material: Their material is authored by renowned authors in India
  4. Test series: They conduct regular tests and also final mock tests for practice. Most of the students could clear prelims because of their tests
  5. Disadvantages: Optional subjects are not great. Need to improve here a lot

2. Ganesh IAS Academy, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Website: https://www.ganeshias.com/

Phone number: 9840241118

Highlights of the institute:

  1. Faculty: They have dedicated teachers teaching here. This institute is known for their ethics and morals. Ganesh sir is everyone’s favourite
  2. Tests: Tests are conducted regularly and they are of very high quality.
  3. Syllabus: Syllabus takes little longer time but students feel their notes is very useful for exams
  4. Personal attention: Since the institute is not overcrowded teachers pay attention to every individual
  5. Polite: Even non-teaching staff is very polite and friendly to students
IAS Coaching in Chennai
IAS Coaching in Chennai

3. Officers IAS Academy, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Website: https://officersiasacademy.com/

Phone number: 044 4048 3555

Highlights of the institute:

  1. Infrastructure: Spacious classroom and convenient environment to study
  2. Faculty: Renowned faculty and are very much approachable. They have extreme patience in answering the doubts
  3. Students: Student circle in this institute is a big plus for aspirants. You get to interact and discuss with ambitious and bright students
  4. There are complaints on CSAT faculty and for some subjects not completing syllabus on time

4. Chinmaya IAS Academy, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Website: https://www.chinmayaias.com/

Phone number: 9840701008

Highlights of the institute:

  1. Ethics and Morals: Institute which follows ethics and morals in education
  2. Faculty: Faculty here is well qualified and very cordial. Even lifeskills are taught here which is very unique
  3. Syllabus: Syllabus is completed on time and they deliver what they promise

5. Kamaraj IAS Academy, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Website: https://www.kamarajiasacademy.com/

Phone number: 044 4353 9988

Highlights of the Institute:

  1. Syllabus Coverage: Every student feels that syllabus is covered comprehensively and faculty is cordial toward students
  2. Faculty: Faculty here is well qualified and delivery of the lectures is also good

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