Top UPSC sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad
Top Sociology optional Coaching in Hydrerabad

Sociology is often regarded as the most accessible optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services exam. However, selecting the appropriate coaching institute can significantly impact your chances of achieving a high score. In Hyderabad, several coaching institutes specialize in providing guidance specifically for the Sociology optional.

Sociology Optional Coaching in Hyderabad

These institutes offer comprehensive study materials, expert faculty, and structured guidance to help aspirants excel in the subject. By selecting one of the top Sociology optional coaching institutes in Hyderabad, candidates can enhance their preparation and increase their likelihood of scoring well in this competitive examination.

1. Neeharika Reddy IAS Academy, RTC x Roads, Hyderabad


Phone number: 9959783851, 9553355811

Neeharika Reddy IAS academy has gained recognition as the top sociology optional coaching institute in Hyderabad, endorsed by educationists, media outlets, and successful sociology optional toppers. This esteemed coaching institute has witnessed numerous students scoring over 300 marks in the Sociology optional paper, reflecting the effectiveness of their coaching methodologies. The classes at Neeharika Reddy IAS academy are conducted by highly regarded civil services examination trainers, Neeharika Reddy and Sirisha Raman. One notable distinction of this institute is being the first in India to introduce a mentorship program that caters to both General Studies and Optional subjects.

The comprehensive material provided by Neeharika Reddy IAS academy, along with the well-structured classes, ensures excellent preparation for the Sociology optional. This coaching institute is known for its thorough coverage of the syllabus, allowing students to grasp the subject with precision. Moreover, the availability of both online and offline modes for sociology optional coaching makes it convenient for aspirants to choose the learning format that suits them best. The institute offers its entire range of IAS coaching modules in both online and offline modes, catering to the diverse needs of students.

Hyderabad’s Top Sociology Coaching institute

Sociology optional Coaching Fee (Offline and Online) Rs. 40,000
Course Includes Study Material and Test series
Head Office 1-1-18/90, Karuna Arcade TRT no. 33/34, Jawahar Nagar, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500020
Batch Size 45 to 50
Phone Number 9959783851, 9553355811
Highlights Mentorship, Faculty and Study material


For those opting for offline coaching, Neeharika Reddy IAS academy, top Sociology optional coaching institute in Hyderabad, conducts sociology optional classes at their Hyderabad campus. The duration of the UPSC sociology optional coaching program is approximately 3.5 months, providing ample time for in-depth coverage of the subject matter. As part of the course, the institute provides study materials, sociology optional notes, and a well-designed test series to evaluate students’ progress. Additionally, the coaching institute conducts a personal mentorship program, further enhancing the learning experience for aspirants.

In conclusion, Neeharika Reddy IAS academy stands out as the leading choice for top sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad. Its impeccable reputation, backed by positive endorsements from experts, media, and successful sociology optional toppers, attests to the effectiveness of their coaching methodologies. The availability of both online and offline modes, coupled with the comprehensive study materials and classes conducted by experienced trainers, ensures a holistic approach to sociology optional preparation. With the added advantage of a mentorship program, Neeharika Reddy IAS academy offers students a valuable opportunity to excel in both General Studies and Optional subjects.

Neeharika Reddy and Sirisha Raman, two esteemed teachers, are the key instructors for Sociology optional at our coaching institute. Neeharika Reddy primarily focuses on Paper-I, which delves into various sociological thinkers. Understanding the perspectives of each thinker in a structured manner is crucial for civil services exam aspirants. Neeharika Reddy adeptly facilitates this understanding by providing current examples that relate to each sociological theory and thinker. This approach enables students to grasp the nuances of the subject with ease, as they can appreciate the practical applications of these theories through real-world illustrations.

On the other hand, Sirisha Raman handles Paper-II, which encompasses Indian thinkers and Indian society. With her expertise and guidance, students gain insights into the sociological concepts specific to India. Sirisha Raman’s teaching methodology allows aspirants to develop a comprehensive understanding of Indian society, including its dynamics, challenges, and unique sociological perspectives.

The division of responsibilities between Neeharika Reddy and Sirisha Raman ensures that students receive specialized attention and in-depth knowledge in both papers of the Sociology optional. By having dedicated faculty members for each paper, the coaching institute maximizes the effectiveness of the teaching process and enables students to tackle the diverse aspects of the subject with confidence.

Overall, the expertise and teaching proficiency of Neeharika Reddy and Sirisha Raman contribute significantly to the success of our coaching institute in preparing students for the Sociology optional. Their commitment to providing a structured and comprehensive approach to Paper-I and Paper-II ensures that aspirants acquire a solid foundation in the subject, ultimately enhancing their chances of excelling in the civil services examination.

What you get as part of the course?

  1. 5 months course
  2. Handwritten notes
  3. Printed material
  4. Personal mentorship
  5. Online and offline
  6. Tests

2. FEYNMAN IAS, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad

While Neeharika Reddy IAS academy is widely recognized as the top sociology optional coaching institute in Hyderabad, Feynman Institute in Ashok Nagar also holds its own reputation in the field and stands top next to Neeharika Reddy IAS academy in Sociology coaching in Hyderabad. At Feynman Institute, the sociology optional classes are conducted by Venkata Mohan Sir, an exceptional faculty known for his effective teaching methods. Initially, students may find his teaching style unconventional, but as the sessions progress, they experience a transformation in their learning experience, leading to a feeling of enlightenment and satisfaction. The institute provides excellent study materials that complement the teaching process.

Venkata Mohan Sir, the director of Feynman IAS online, holds a B.Tech degree from IIT-M and is the author of several books. His expertise and comprehensive understanding of sociology are reflected in his approach to teaching. He skillfully unfolds each topic from its basics, ensuring a thorough grasp of the subject matter. One of the remarkable aspects of his teaching style is the ability to challenge deep-rooted convictions held by students, prompting them to question their beliefs and explore new perspectives.

2nd Top Sociology coaching in Hyderabad

Sociology Optional Coaching Rs. 35,000
Head Office 1-1-664/B, 2nd Floor, Opposite SBI & Canara Bank, Beside Gandhi Nagar Park,, Hyderabad, Telangana 500080
Batch Size 45 to 50
Phone Number 8179408590
Highlights Faculty


Furthermore, after the completion of each topic, Venkata Mohan Sir engages students in discussions about previous UPSC Mains questions related to the topic. This not only enhances their understanding but also equips them with the skills to present their answers effectively. Students at Feynman Institute find these discussions invaluable in their preparation for the examination.

However, it is worth mentioning that some students have encountered issues with the test conducted at the institute. Improvements in this aspect would further enhance the learning experience for the students. Despite this drawback, Feynman Institute in Ashok Nagar remains a viable option for aspirants seeking top sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad.

In conclusion, while Neeharika Reddy IAS academy holds the distinction of being the widely acknowledged top sociology optional coaching institute in Hyderabad, Feynman Institute in Ashok Nagar also offers a valuable learning experience. With Venkata Mohan Sir as the faculty, the institute provides effective teaching methods and excellent study materials. Venkata Mohan Sir’s unique teaching style gradually unveils the intricacies of each topic, while encouraging students to critically evaluate their beliefs. The discussions on previous UPSC Mains questions further consolidate their knowledge and answer-writing skills. Although improvements are required in the area of test conductance.

What you get as part of the course?

  1. 3 months course
  2. Notes
  3. Online and Offline classes

3. Saroj Samal, Hyderabad

Saroj Samal Sir, a highly regarded faculty member in sociology, has garnered significant admiration from numerous students for his exceptional teaching style. While some students may encounter difficulties in understanding his language, Saroj Samal Sir mitigates this challenge by providing comprehensive notes and delving into the intricacies of every concept he teaches.

It is noteworthy that Saroj Samal Sir does not have his own institute but can be found teaching in various renowned coaching centers. Many students specifically choose to join Analog IAS, Unacademy, or Pragnya IAS to attend his classes. One notable advantage of studying under Saroj Samal Sir is his close interaction with students, which fosters an optimal learning environment.

Sociology Optional Fee Rs. 40,000
Head Office Teaches in Multiple institutes
Batch Size 35 to 40
Phone Number NA
Highlights Faculty and Availability of batches
Website NA


Saroj Samal Sir is highly efficient in completing the syllabus on time, ensuring that all relevant topics are adequately covered. In his teaching methodology, he incorporates numerous case studies, particularly in the context of Paper-II. This approach allows students to develop a deeper understanding of sociological concepts by relating them to real-life scenarios. His teaching style is so immersive and engaging that students often feel as though the original thinkers have entered the classroom, enriching the learning experience.

In addition to his immersive teaching, Saroj Samal Sir dedicates time to discuss and analyze answers to previous UPSC questions. This practice proves highly beneficial, providing valuable insights and guidance to students, enhancing their overall exam preparation. To further facilitate learning, Saroj Samal Sir provides exhaustive printed material and hand-written class notes that comprehensively cover every topic of the syllabus. These resources serve as invaluable references, assisting students in consolidating their understanding of the subject.

As a faculty specializing in sociology, Saroj Samal Sir is recognized for his unique teaching abilities and unparalleled dedication to his students’ success. While some students may face language comprehension challenges, his provision of detailed notes and thorough explanations ensures that all students have access to the necessary resources for effective learning.

In conclusion, Saroj Samal Sir’s teaching style and dedication have earned him the admiration of many students. While language comprehension may pose difficulties for some, his provision of comprehensive notes and detailed explanations mitigates this challenge.

Students frequently join reputed coaching institutes such as Analog IAS, Unacademy, or Pragnya IAS to benefit from his teaching. With his timely syllabus completion, inclusion of case studies, immersive approach to teaching sociological thinkers, and thorough discussions on previous UPSC questions, Saroj Samal Sir provides a unique and unparalleled learning experience.

Furthermore, his provision of exhaustive study materials and handwritten class notes covering every topic of the syllabus ensures that students have access to comprehensive resources. As a faculty member specializing in sociology, Saroj Samal Sir’s contributions are highly valued in the realm of top sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad.


  1. 3 months course
  2. Tests
  3. Notes
  4. Offline classes

4. AKS IAS, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad

AKS IAS, ranking as the fourth top institute in Hyderabad for sociology optional coaching, offers a specialized program for aspirants. While there are no permanent faculty members, the institute strives to bring in experienced and competent educators to teach the subject. The unique feature of AKS IAS is the provision of audio and video classes exclusively for students, allowing them to refer back to the content whenever necessary.

The faculty members at AKS IAS are committed to covering the entire UPSC syllabus within a relatively short period, ensuring that no topics are skipped. This approach enables students to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The institute emphasizes dedicating a significant amount of time to test series and practice sessions, allowing students to apply their knowledge and enhance their exam preparation.

Sociology Optional Fee Rs. 40,000
Head Office AKS IAS,,Near Sub Registrar Office, Main Road, near Eshwar Lakshmi Hospital, Ashoknagar, RTC Cross Road, Hyderabad, Telangana 500020
Batch Size 35 to 40
Phone Number 8448449709
Highlights Infrastructure


Despite the absence of permanent faculty members, AKS IAS maintains its position as a top sociology optional coaching institute in Hyderabad by focusing on providing quality education and effective learning resources. The availability of audio and video classes facilitates flexible learning, enabling students to revise the material at their convenience.

In summary, AKS IAS ranks as the fourth top institute in Hyderabad for sociology optional coaching. Although there are no permanent faculty members, the institute ensures the presence of competent educators to deliver the curriculum. The provision of audio and video classes aids students in referring back to the content, while the focus on comprehensive syllabus coverage and ample practice sessions contributes to an effective learning experience. AKS IAS remains a recommended choice for students seeking top-quality sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad.

5. IAS Gurukul, Hyderabad

IAS Gurukul is recognized as the fifth-best institute for sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad. They have carved a niche for themselves by exclusively offering online classes for their students. Despite not having a physical classroom setup, IAS Gurukul ensures that the quality of education remains top-notch through their virtual learning platform.

At IAS Gurukul, their online classes are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of sociology optional. The institute understands the evolving needs of students and leverages technology to create an engaging and interactive learning environment. Through their virtual classrooms, students have access to lectures, study materials, and other resources that are essential for their exam preparation.

Sociology Optional Fee Rs. 40,000
Head Office B11, LGF, Apsara Arcade, Near Karol Bagh Metro Gate No.7, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005
Batch Size 35 to 40
Phone Number 9999612318
Highlights Online


IAS Gurukul stands out as a top sociology optional coaching institute due to their emphasis on personalized attention and mentorship. They understand that each student has unique learning requirements and they strive to cater to those needs. Through their online platform, they provide one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions and guidance to ensure that students receive the necessary support throughout their preparation journey.

Furthermore, IAS Gurukul takes pride in their comprehensive coverage of the sociology optional syllabus. They provide in-depth lectures on various sociological theories, concepts, and case studies. The faculty at IAS Gurukul are experienced subject matter experts who bring their expertise and knowledge to the virtual classrooms, ensuring that students receive high-quality education.

Additionally, IAS Gurukul understands the importance of practice and evaluation in exam preparation. They offer regular mock tests and practice assignments to gauge the students’ understanding and provide valuable feedback. These assessments help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on areas that require improvement.

In conclusion, IAS Gurukul secures its position as the fifth-best institute for sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad by exclusively offering online classes. Through their virtual learning platform, they provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject, personalized attention, and mentorship to their students. With their emphasis on in-depth coverage of the syllabus and regular practice assessments, IAS Gurukul ensures that students are well-prepared for the sociology optional paper.

Despite conducting classes online, IAS Gurukul remains a recommended choice for aspiring candidates seeking top-quality sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad.

Conclusion: Sociology optional coaching in Hyderabad

Neeharika Reddy IAS Academy emerges as the most popular institute for Sociology optional not only in Hyderabad but across the entire country of India. With a significant number of students, approximately 300, receiving training in Sociology optional at this institute each year, it has gained a reputation for its excellence in teaching and preparation.

The academy’s comprehensive approach, expert faculty, and mentorship programs have consistently produced remarkable results, with students achieving high scores in the Sociology optional paper of the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Neeharika Reddy IAS Academy has established itself as a trusted institution, attracting aspiring candidates from various parts of the country who seek quality coaching and guidance in Sociology optional.


FAQs on Sociology Optional:

  1. Is sociology optional considered a scoring subject in the UPSC exam?

Yes, sociology optional has the potential to be a scoring subject if one thoroughly understands the concepts, theories, and thinkers and effectively presents them in the exam.

  1. How should I approach studying thinkers in sociology optional?

It is recommended to understand the perspectives of each thinker, their key ideas, and the sociological theories associated with them. Relate them to contemporary examples for better comprehension.

  1. Can I choose sociology optional without a background in sociology?

Yes, a background in sociology is not mandatory. With proper guidance and consistent effort, one can grasp the subject and excel in it, even without prior knowledge.

  1. Is it necessary to memorize statistical data for sociology optional?

While familiarity with key statistical data can enhance your answers, the focus should be on understanding the underlying sociological concepts and using relevant examples to support your arguments.

  1. How important is answer writing practice for sociology optional?

Answer writing practice is crucial for sociology optional as it helps you develop the skill of presenting your thoughts clearly and concisely. Regular practice will improve your writing speed and enhance your overall performance.

  1. Are previous years’ question papers sufficient for sociology optional preparation?

While previous years’ question papers are valuable resources, they should be supplemented with comprehensive study materials, textbooks, and relevant reference materials to cover the entire syllabus effectively.


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